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Learning Safety Coloring Pages

This is a very special set of coloring pages that can be used to help teach lessons in Safety! Each coloring page has a specific safety lesson and is told with a rhyme to help the children remember the safety tip. These make a great lesson by giving each child a different one to color and then have them share their lesson with the entire class to "show & tell"!! Have Fun and color a safety coloring sheet! Print these for your student or your class.

Coloring Pages

Youth Safety Coloring Pages

  • Swim Safety - Never swim alone
  • Stair Safety - Always Pick up Toys
  • Barefoot Safety 1 - Watch where you walk
  • Barefoot Safety 2 - Watch where you walk
  • Playground Safety - Slide Safety
  • Playground Safety - Fountain Safety
  • Bike Safety - Never ride in the street
  • Umbrella Safety - Look where you go
  • Highway Safety - Walk on the Left
  • Tool Safety - Don't play with real tools
  • Electricity Safety - Never play with plugs
  • Fire Safety - Never play with matches