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Vehicle Coloring Pages - Cars / Trucks / Boats / Planes

Every kid loves to draw and color pictures of vehicles. Coloring Cars, Planes, Boats and Trains teaches kids what each type of vehicle looks like, and allows you to talk / teach how and why we use each type of vehicle ! We have a great collection of easy vehicle coloring pages to get them started. Print these for your student or your class and have FUN !

Vehicle Coloring Pages
  • Farmer on his Tractor
  • Farm Tractor
  • Antique open Car
  • Classic Roadster Sports Car
  • Old Convertible Car
  • 50's 2-door Sedan Car
  • 50's Woody Station Wagon
  • 60's Mercedes Convertible
  • Old Army Jeep
  • Motorcycle and rider
  • Interstate Truck
  • Delivery Van
  • Interstate Bus
  • Fire Engine
  • Indy Race Car
  • Soap-Box Derby car
  • Pleasure Boat
  • Toy Airplanes
  • Toy Train